Addressing Gender Inequality to Promote Basic Human Rights and Development: A Global Perspective


CEDIS Working Paper Questões de Género e outras aplicações do princípio da igualdade no Direito Português n.º 1 agosto 2020

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Author: Rui Nunes



This study is divided into three sections. The first section addresses the evolution of human rights throughout the world. It is argued that gender equality is a direct and necessary consequence of a full implementation of human rights. The second section claims that gender equality is deeply related to justice in its material dimension. At a sovereign state level, as well as at a global level, equality and non-discrimination are at the root of any developed society and are pillars of any advanced democracy. Finally, the third section distils these concepts into a modern view of human development. It suggests, from a realistic perspective, practical tools to increase international awareness of human rights and gender equality.

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