Ram Kumar Bhandari

Ram Kumar Bhandari is a human rights activist from Nepal and joined NOVA University of Lisbon as a PhD Researcher after long years of activism. He has led the struggle to secure justice for victims of Nepal’s conflict for over a decade. He earned two Master degrees in Human Rights and Democratisation (Italy) and in Sociology (Nepal), and has attended training on transitional justice in Nepal, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Tunisia, Indonesia, Kosovo, Spain, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Philippines. He has over a decade experience working with marginalised communities and their network (specially the families of the disappeared, victims of conflict, ex-combatants youth, ethnic minorities, rural women groups) to facilitate participatory action research, develop campaign models and advocacy strategies that advance truth-telling, justice and social transformation. His involvement with the victims’ movement began when his own father disappeared in 2001. In the years since he has pioneered many of the techniques of grassroots activism, mobilisation, campaigning and networking. He has helped to launch the community Radio station, network of families of the disappeared and missing (NEFAD), the Committee for Social Justice, the National Victims Alliance, the Conflict Victims Common Platform for transitional justice and the several community groups. He has also led petitions to the UN Human Rights Committee, the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances, and the Nepali Supreme Court. He has written extensively on disappearances, victim movement, transitional justice, human rights and nonviolent conflict in English and Nepali, and has a range of published and unpublished papers.

Ram’s areas of research are enforced disappearances, transitional justice, international law and social movement. He can be reached at