Xenia Chiaramonte

GRAU: Doutoramento

Xenia Chiaramonte (Palermo, 1987) graduated in Law at the University of Milan, where she completed her PhD in Law and Society in 2017.  She spent a semester in Coimbra at the Law Faculty and attended the master’s program in Sociology of Law at the Oñati International Institute (IISJ). She also conducted a semester at the UC Berkeley’s Center for the Study of Law and Society for improving and concluding her doctoral research on the criminalization of social movements. She teaches at the Master’s programme in Critical Criminology jointly developed by the University of Padua and the University of Bologna. She directs the “Horisma” series at the Ledizioni publishing house for which she co-edited the book “Violenza politica” (2018). She is an online editor of the “Studi sulla questione criminale”. Her work deals with political justice, social movements and a critique of penal law. Her first book, namely “Governare il conflitto” (Meltemi, 2019) is the first step of a genealogy of the principle of social defense.

Currently she is developing a perspective that brings the most recent critical neo-institutionalist approach to law and legal strategies into both the field of social movement studies and that of law and social movements. The approach is casuistic, that is it stands for the materiality of law and thus underlies the need for a case-oriented understanding of the social and political conditions for the law to be used as a “trick” by social movements. In particular, the focus is on litigation strategies exploited by environmentalist movements worldwide.



Áreas de interesse: law and social movements; litigation strategy; political justice; social defense.