CEDIS (“Centro de Investigação e Desenvolvimento sobre Direito e Sociedade”) is the Research Center on Law and Society of the Faculty of Law (Nova Law School) of Universidade Nova de Lisboa .

Founded in 2003 and located in Lisbon (Portugal), CEDIS takes primary interest in the study of Law in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach comprising the interplay between Law and other social sciences, most notably Sociology, History, Anthropology and Political Science.

Regularly subjected to the evaluation of the FCT (the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology), CEDIS has been ranked as “very good” in the last evaluation that took place in 2013. CEDIS is structured around 10 research groups, each of them devoting its research skills to the advance of a particular field or topic. Together, these research groups are part of an overall Strategic Project that partakes CEDIS’ interdisciplinary, comparative and contextualised approach to the interplay between Law and Society in a national and European context.