CEDIS researcher and Phd candidate at NOVA Law School, Tatiana Morais, has recently developed her first fieldwork in Uganda with the great help of The Uganda Grail, namely, Josephine, Vivan, Florence and Kenny. Tatiana wishes to thank The Uganda Grail’s team for their outstanding work, guidance and support, while preparing and implementing the fieldwork. Especial thanks to her mentors and guides in the field: Josephine, Vivan, Florence and Kenny. Also special thanks to Teddy Atim and to Betty Akullo, for their guidance and support during the research design phase and during the ethical clearance approval phase.


For more information about The Uganda Grail work, see link below:

The Uganda Grail: https://www.thegrail.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=84&Itemid=110

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For more information about Worudet work, see link below:


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