Personal Data Protection Observatory

Project Abstract

Personal Data Protection Observatory (“PDPO”) is one of the recent projects of CEDIS (“Centro de Investigação e Desenvolvimento sobre Direito e Sociedade”), the Research Center on Law and Society of the School of Law (Nova Law School) of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. This Observatory is a research group with the goal to study and monitor the implementation of the European Union’s data protection framework. Additionally, the PDPO aims to enhance research in areas related to data protection law and, more generally, the challenges that new technological developments generate to Law.


Project Objectives

  • Publish a yearbook called “Anuário da Proteção de Dados Pessoais”;
  • Organizing at least one workshop a year;
  • Other ativities related to data protection law and connected subjects.



CEDIS-Faculdade de Direito UNL

VisionWare (Partner Entity)

SRS Advogados (Partner Entity)

The Privacy Node Ltda. (Partner Entity)


Project Team

André Inácio

Afonso Ferreira

Emellin de Oliveira

Francisco Pereira Coutinho

Graça Canto Moniz

Martinho Lucas Pires

Ricardo Rodrigues de Oliveira

Teresa Vale Lopes

Inês Oliveira Andrade de Jesus



Starting date: 2016; no end date



Funding Entity: VisionWare and SRS Advogados; Google; CEDIS-FDUNL; Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology;




Other information

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