At the age of globalisation, the companies are expanding their operations to over-seas easily and very rapidly. This comes with many positive effects which could be observed as job openings and economic improvement especially at the developing countries. However, we can still observe major human rights violations arising from the operations of these companies. These violations occur and mostly left uncompensated or partly-compensated due to very state-centric approach to the cases which involves many international actors and the lack of legal tools that are available. Unfortunately, the state legal systems are not ready to cope with the complex nature of companies and their fast-paced operations.

Thus, during the past decades the international mechanisms to provide remedy for the victims were being explored. However, within almost 50 years there is still no hard-law treaty on the subject, instead certain Guidelines and recommendations.

The Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the most important document that has been produced by the United Nations bases itself on the idea that the societies expect companies to respect human rights ideals wherever they operate.

However, there is still lack of research on consumer expectations when it comes to human rights commitments being expected from companies. This research aims to fill in the gap by conducting a general consumer survey. Two countries, Portugal and Turkey, one developed and one developing country have been chosen as the primary countries to collect data through the survey. The data collected will be used for academic purposes with the aim to propose better regulation alternatives on such an important topic. It is the aim of this project to spread the survey to further consumers in different countries in case of success during the Pilot round.

This project will go on for the Academic Year 2017/2018 and would be ran by a multidisciplinary international team consist of Portuguese and Turkish researchers. The Turkish team will be supervised by Att. Burcu Filiz, a human rights lawyer at the Istanbul Bar Association.

A call for the recruitment of the team will be announced soon.

For further questions you might have on the project you may send an email to:

Ayse Elif Yildirim, LL.M., M.A.

PhD Candidate, FDUNL (FCT Scholar: PD/BD/128314/2017)

Researcher at CEDIS



Elif Yildirim