To celebrate the 20th anniversary of FCT and 50th Anniversary of JNICT, the Portuguese science and technology community was gathered at the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa between the dates 3-5th of July, 2017. As the scholarship holders from FCT, we were also invited to attend the meeting, and share our state of research with the rest of the community.

Even though the FCT community consists mostly of hard-science researchers, such as engineers, chemists or biologists, there were sessions dedicated to social sciences, including law.

Law unfortunately tend to be a very closed and less interactive research field. Even though this could be the case, it is nothing less than interesting to be able to talk about my research to people from other fields and receive their enthusiastic feedback.

I tried to contribute to the Meeting by doing a poster presentation. I came to recognise that it is hard to produce a poster with the research that we are doing within Legal area. Poster presentations are a practice mostly used by hard-science researchers, since it is an easier way to demonstrate the summary of the research in graphics or any other visual tool. Even though it was a challenge, I believe it was beneficial for me to have such experience.

During the meeting there were many parallel sessions where details of the scientific research were shared. FCT also provides funds for social sciences and humanities researchers, including scholarships for doctoral studies at FDUNL.

Elif Yildirim